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Not just car wash! We are a service platform that aims to connect those arriving from outside Siena with the Historic Center through our services reserved for tourists and citizens.

Park & Clean Siena - Affidaci la tua Auto

We offer an innovative and personalized zero-impact car wash method that includes our special ozone sanitization of the car’s interior. This special “Green” wash allows us to use only non-polluting products.

Park & Clean Siena - Zero Emission

Reach our facility in Via Esterna Fontebranda, 23 or contact us to book the Car Valet service and we’ll take care of everything! Once in possession of your vehicle we will evaluate its status and advise you on the most suitable services for washing and maintaining your car. Relax and enjoy a day in the beautiful historic center of Siena while we take care of your car.

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Sanitization hot steam process

What is ozone?

It is a gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms, germicide and water and air purifier. It is the most effective, fastest and most used natural disinfectant to disinfect air, water, surfaces and eliminate odors. After performing its function it returns to the state of oxygen without residues for maximum environmental respect.


Interior Aspiration

Accurate aspiration of the interior

We care about your seats, carpets and luggage compartment. Our staff uses only high quality products and professional methods to guarantee the best performance and respect for the fabrics of your car.


Steam Washing

Internal Steam Sanitization

Steam delivery at high temperatures reduces bacteria and microbes by fighting allergic symptoms thanks to the elimination of fungus and mold. Vaporisation also drastically reduces the use of water and detergents, allowing us to perform an eco-friendly wash.


Polishing and Finishing

Polishing of the dashboard, black tires and rim polishing

Thanks to the use of professional products we guarantee excellent efficiency in terms of polishing and preservation of materials.

Enjoy the city of Siena

Let us take care of your car and discover the magic of Piazza del Campo, the wonders, wines and typical dishes of Siena. On foot or by public transport you will reach the historic center in less than 5 minutes! Enjoy the day, the streets, the museums, the Duomo and all the attractions and shops of the city while we take care of washing, polishing and all the services you have chosen for your car.

Park & Clean Siena - Scopri Piazza del Campo a Siena

Quick links to the City Center



Beside our office is the bus stop that will take you to the City Center in 2 minutes


Scala Mobile

At just over 500 meters you will find the Escalator which quickly takes you under the Duomo of Siena, 2 steps away from Piazza del Campo.
Park & Clean Siena - Dove siamo

Ready to go?

Is your shopping over? Are you ready to go? Collect your car and your next journey will be in a clean and sanitized vehicle. We don’t use chemical. Our wash process is ecological and respectful to the environment.


Additional services


Tyre pressure check


Liquids and Lube check


Car Valet Service